Learning in harmony, lifting achievement, and leading the future.

About our School

Sheridan Elementary School is located at 3100 Plymouth Avenue in Lincoln, Nebraska [map]. Our main office phone number is 402-436-1167.

Sheridan has 403 students in kindergarten through grade 5. Nineteen percent of our students are low-income. Twenty-four percent are gifted and ten percent of our students receive special education services.

Staff members at Sheridan are committed to providing opportunities for all students to reach their highest potential. Sheridan staff set high standards for each student and design instruction to enable individual students to reach their goals. Teachers teach connections between school and the outside world. They enable students to learn and work effectively with a diversity of people. They also encourage students to accept responsibilities, to take risks and learn from mistakes, to become effective problem solvers, and to develop expertise in self-expression. Staff and parents help students know that learning is fun.

Sheridan’s staff includes 20 teachers in kindergarten through grade 5, a coordinator, 2 resource teachers, two reading recovery teachers, and five specialists in art, computer, media, physical education, and vocal music. Itinerant staff at Sheridan include an instrumental music teacher, a strings teacher, OT/PT specialists, a psychologist, a speech pathologist, mentors and a school nurse.

School Programs

Sheridan’s Resource Program serves students in kindergarten through grade 5. Regular classroom teachers, resource teachers, administrators, and parents work collaboratively when planning effective instruction for resource students. This commitment requires beliefs that each student can learn and succeed, diversity enriches all learners, students who struggle can succeed with the involvement of a thoughtful and caring community, each student has strengths and unique contributions to offer our community of learners. Teachers, administrators, parents, and students meet yearly to develop individual education plans to meet the needs of each special education student.

Student Assistance

Sheridan’s School Assistance Team consists of teacher representatives, the school psychologist, and the Assistant Principal. The team’s purpose is to provide strategies to help students learn and to provide a support system to address student’s academic and/or behavioral needs. Students can be referred to the school’s student assistance team by teachers, administrators, or parents.

Gifted Program

Sheridan has 205 differentiated learners. Students are recommended for gifted identification by parents, teachers, administrators, community members, or self-referral. Recommendations can be made to Sheridan’s School Assistant Principal Ashley Sitzman or Principal Dr. Amy Clark. When a student is recommended for gifted identification, Mrs. Sitzman guides teachers through the data gathering process. Students are evaluated based on their grades and classroom performance, outstanding products, behavioral checklists, standardized achievement test scores, or IQ test scores. Once a student is identified he/she is offered differentiated classes in the area of English/language arts and math.

The Arts

Parents and staff at Sheridan demonstrate a strong belief that students grow from exposure to the arts. Sheridan students are involved in the visual arts, vocal, strings, and instrumental music programs. Students perform for parents and community members each year.