Hallway Expectations

In the Morning before 9:00…

  • Feel free to greet each other before school begins
  • Level 2 shoulder voices are appropriate

In the Hallway

  • Follow the Line Leader
  • Stay to the Right
  • Use a Quiet Voice
  • Move as a Classroom
  • Use Walking Feet

It is important to stay quiet when others are trying to learn.
Respect others in the hallway by using level 1 voices.

Using the Stairs

  • Walk to the right
  • Use every step
  • Hold on to the handrail

Using the Restroom

  • Check out with the teacher
  • Use the bathroom quickly and quietly
  • Return to class

Returning from Recess

  • Line up quietly
  • Wait for teachers
  • No talking in the hallway

End of the Day

  • Level One—Voice Off as students prepare to go home